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Why Choose DMVMS?

Recital Opportunities

Local and national recital opportunities are provided throughout the year. Contact our director for more information.

Experienced instructors

All of Del Mar Virtuoso Music School instructors are well credited in both education and performances. See our about page for more information.

Flexible schedules

Scheduling accommodation is provided even for those with the busiest schedules.

Responsive curriculum

Our curriculum is based around each students progress to promote the best path for their musical career. 

Music Therapy

Music therapy is applied in all lessons offered. It is incorporated whatever is the kind of class the child has chosen. Music therapy is more of training on self regulation, self control, self emotional check up and practice as well as study and learning habits. Music is a discipline and part of self regulation entails great discipline with the help of music.

Music & Movement

Music and movement is more geared towards mommy and me music playtime. A child interacts with the parent through music using Orff instruments such as Musical Hand Bells and incorporate dance using Ribbon Dance. In this class, the concept of Rhythm, Tempo, and Pitch are the main focus. Story telling and narration using different vocal sounds and techniques to represent each character is displayed by the teacher. Classical Music listening is incorporated as instruments is used to represent a character in a story.


Kindermusic is a music lesson offered to kids 5 years old below. It's a combination of piano lesson and vocal lesson focused mainly on rote and repeatition with the goal of mastery in mind through muscle memory. The method book used is primarily addressed with the keyboard topography. With singing, the songs are mostly based on the basic early childhood songs or nursery rhymes songs such as: ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, If You're Happy and you know it, The Wheels on the Bus, Row your boat, The Farmer in the Dell, The Hokey Pokey, Im a Little Teapot, and more!

Theory Lessons

Theory lessons are automatically offered to all piano students. The contents include the Rudiments of music: Note reading, Note values, key signatures, Chords and Triads, Scales, Composition, Four part writing and Musical Terms. Students are encouraged to take the Annual National Whitlock Theory test conducted by the Corpus Christi Music Teachers Association under the umbrella Texas Music Teachers Association and National Music Teachers Association. Theory classes are part of Piano lessons but theory exams are rendered upon the students discretion.

Vocal Lessons

Vocal lessons are offered with two selections. Classical opera technique and pop singing using crooning, vocal slides and scanting. Both styles are offered with the same vocal exercises and vocal techniques. The two are differentiated with the quality and projection of vocal styles as well as selection of repertoires.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are varied depending upon the needs and request of an individual student. Lessons are varied as classical lesson using the piano pedagogy focused mainly on method books and classical pieces. For older students that wishes to learn more advanced pieces in a short amount of time, the Art of Accompaniment is the lesson technique suggested. In this scenario, the usage of chords and patterns is the main focused. Keyboard classes with enhanced technology as music background is also offered.

Drums Lessons

Drum lessons Are Offered individually on a one on one basis.  The teacher shall teach the student towards a collaborative work for our annual concerts held twice a year. On this lesson, students develop rhythmic patterns, motor coordination and steady beat. 

Violin Lessons

Violin lessons are taught individually using the Suzuki Method famously applying the rote technique. The teacher shall prepare all students for concerts and recitals as a whole. Therefore this teaches ensemble playing coordination among students for a cohesive over all performance. 

Homeschool Co-Op General Music Classes

Discover the joy of music with our homeschool music classes, where personalized instruction meets creative exploration! Tailored to fit any child's unique learning style, our classes foster a love for music through engaging lessons, hands-on activities, and performance opportunities. Enrich your homeschooling experience with a curriculum that inspires and cultivates music talent in a supportive environment. Join us and watch your child's musical journey unfold!

Lesson FAQs.

How are lessons conducted?

Lessons are taught in one on one format.

How much are the lessons?

Thirty dollars for every thirty minutes of lesson(s).

How many lessons are provided per week?

Once a week. Four to five times in a month depending on the number of days.